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Stuff, y'know - Sammy
Stuff, y'know
So I really should update this at regular intervals not just when I suddenly remember, but oh well XD

I'm stuck in donny at the moment, I came home after my exams and my car started leaking brake fluid. I've decided it's finally time for him to go and I have a new one but I can't get it delivered till next week cos of a problem taxing it and I've run out of medication so I've gotta go back to Hull on the train. Now, this may seem normal but I absolutely hate trains and buses. Partly as I have social anxiety disorder and hate public transport, and partly on principle because it costs me twice as much to get to Hull on the train that it does on the car D: On the bright side I am really looking forward to getting my new car, though I will miss my old one.

The reason I came home in the first place was cos I'd left my PS3 here and my copy of the new Devil May Cry'd come, which I'm really enjoying actually. I've not finished it yet though cos I fell out with it for a few days when I couldn't do one of the boss fights. We're back on friendly terms now though.

It's not long till this year's operetta at the uni. HMS Pinafore this year, it's looking like it's gonna be really funny so hopefully it goes well, been trying to persuade lots of people to come!

I got mum some Duke Special tickets for her birthday so looks like our career of stalking him whenever he's in England continues, I'm really excited. I've got a day of rally driving to look forward to too that mum got me for my birthday :)

I've got ethical approval for my dissertation now so I can start interviewing my participants as soon as I get the recording equipment from the department. On the off chance anyone knows any asexuals around Yorkshire, send them to me cos it's pretty hard to get hold of participants!! XD

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qwentoozla From: qwentoozla Date: January 26th, 2013 10:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Good luck with your train trip and I hope you're very happy with your new car!

I strongly approve of your Duke Special stalking! :D
origin_blue From: origin_blue Date: January 26th, 2013 10:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
Cheers :) I'll take some photos when I get my car.

Duke is lovely, how could you not stalk him. Me and mum met him last year and he's so nice :)
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