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How I plan on wasting time in the summer hols. - Sammy
How I plan on wasting time in the summer hols.
So I've been off for nearly a month now and yet it seems I've failed to achieve anything. I've ordered a few of my textbooks for next year in an effort not to feel like a fat lazy slob for the next 2 and a half months.

Mum's on her hols so it's just me and Gabe here for 2 weeks. I went for a meal with my auntie, uncle, one of my cousins and my grandparents on Fathers day which was pretty fun :)

Me and my little cousin :)

I've managed to get myself totally addicted to Skyrim which had really been using up a lot of my spare time. I'm really enjoying it though! I've also been spending my time watching every Cary Elwes film after his sad abandonment by the Psych fandom haha. I watched The Cat Returns today, which it actually turns out I really loved, as apparently I am just a small child masquerading as an adult!

I'm off up back to Hull on tuesday for counselling and a doctors appointment and I'm also gonna see Adam while I'm there which should be fun :)

Ooo, and I also found out that the new Dexter book comes out in October. I'm already excited!!! :D

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