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Whatever, y'know, stuff. - Sammy
Whatever, y'know, stuff.
I've been having some big romantic orientation confusion recently. I definitely don't want to be dating anyone at the moment and I'm wondering if I might be aromantic. I just broke up with my boyfriend which was really difficult as he's not done anything wrong and I didn't want him to think he had. I don't think he took it too badly though which I'm glad about. He's still speaking to me which is a good sign. If nothing else he said he'd be a participant in my dissertation and I do need participants haha.

I've also been growing my hair back which is fun. I look so much like I've just got a really long mullet now that I just have to tie it up whenever I leave the house. Hopefully I'll not give up with it and cut it all off again like I did last time.

I have been missing my housemates, and now they've all graduated I won't be living with them next year :( Two of us from Doncaster went down to Malvern to visit one of my housemates who lives there. Malvern was really nice although my poor car wasn't a big fan of all the hills. We camped in a farm which my housemate's friend owns which was fun until the massive thunderstorm started and we all had to escape up a giant hill to the farmhouse on foot (as I'd parked my car at the top afer finding out it couldn't get back up). On the way back down the I managed to fall on my arse and go sliding down the hill which I'm sure looked very dignified. Also, my shoes had to go in the bin as they were beyond rescue XD

I'm up to Hull on thursday for a psychiatric assessment to fingers crossed they don't have me committed haha.

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prepare4trouble From: prepare4trouble Date: August 12th, 2012 08:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
I swing between being sure I'm aromantic and just thinking maybe I'm a bit antisocial and would rather not have to commit my time to another person to the extent you need to when you're with someone romantically. It can be confusing trying to figure stuff like that out, I guess, but I'm sure you will when you're ready.

Sounds like an eventful expedition you went on! My kind of camping is the kind done in hotel rooms!
origin_blue From: origin_blue Date: August 13th, 2012 03:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah that's kinda how I felt. I mean I like talking to people but not all the time, I couldn't be nice and pretend to be sociable all the time to my boyfriend it was getting annoying :/

Yeah. It was actually kinda fun. I did, however, have some of the worst wine I have ever tasted as we went shopping at Lidl. Seriously, it was neon pink!!
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