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I really should remember to update my LJ... - Sammy
I really should remember to update my LJ...
I'm in Donny at the moment looking after Gabriel. I really should be getting ready to drive back to Hull but instead I'm sitting in my pyjamas with the laptop.

Had my first lecture of the year on monday, double neuropsychology. I shouldn't complain though I suppose, I picked all of my modules this year. I'm only in uni 2 days a week this year and at first I though I'd not be too busy but I hadn't really considered that I have to drive back to Doncaster once a week for my mind volunteering, that I'm starting riding again this year, that I still work at the Alzheimer's Society, sing in my Doncaster choir, have my dissertation to do and am in HMS Pinafore. So it actually turns out I'm pretty busy :/ I'm thinking about auditioning for a main part in Pinafore this year, but I'm not sure what song to audition with.

Had a nice time a few weeks ago at the freedom festival with Aven people. Especially proud of the CD me and Adam managed to buy with some flyers and a Morrisons voucher XD

I start CBT tomorrow so I hope my therapist's nice!

Also, new spn tonight! Please be good or I may have to give up!!!!!!

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