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Well I haven't been up to too much lately. I've been doing some mystery shopping around Hull which has been fun. Also, mum sent off our application for pointless yesterday!! :D

I spent my free hours yesterday in the library productively eating cake and reading the new Dexter book which was REALLY GOOD btw!!

I went to my friend's house at the weekend for Halloween which was fun. I reasoned that with all the people dressed as devils they'd need some smiting going on there, hence my angel costume. Although after watching too much supernatural my angel costume did consist mostly of a black suit, but I had a halo and wings too XD

You can probably work out I'm on the left :)

Also, here is a picture of my cat sat on my head.

That is all XD

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I've been trying to save money recently and have been walking quite a few places, but I had to drive to uni this morning cos I was straightening my hair, then realised that I had to be there in 15 minutes. Then I had to drive to the asda with housemates to get the shopping, and I'm having to drive to my friend's house for tea tonight, but I suppose none of those places are too far away :)

Also, my grandad sent me a cheque for £100 today, which I feel quite bad about accepting, but I really am short on money this semester so I've had to :/

I've been quite productive today, I've done the shopping, washed up and have started one of my essays which is very unusual for me. Usually I do all of my work in one giant block about a week before it's due in, which I know probably isn't the most advisable strategy for most but I've always done quite well with it to be honest.

On bonfire night I'm going to Gillian's and taking taking Amelia. We're going to see the new Cillian Murphy film so I hope it's good.

There's a new John Godber play starting at the Hull Truck and I really want to see it. I've seen a few of the others, but I don't really have anyone to go with. I might try and annoy some of my friends into coming with me. I've finally managed to annoy my mum into applying to be on Pointless with me, so I really hope we get on that, it would be wonderful XDD

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OMG, I'm just finishing watching series 5 of Psych, and Shawn just said if anyone makes a movie of his life he'd Like to be played by Cillian Murphy. Then I grinned for, like, 10 minutes.

That is all.

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RIP Pet pineapple. They were happy times!Collapse )

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Ok so I managed to survive going out to Piper with my housemates the other day although I did feel a bit bad about someone having to stay with me cos I won't stand in crowds :C

I am now almost certain that I have watched far too many episodes of psych in the past few days...

I'm also pretty sure I haven't posted any of my art here for a while so I'll dump a few spn things I drew a while ago here. I can't put up anything more recent yet since my scanner's still in Doncaster, but I will when I go and pick it up :)

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My housemates have managed to convince me to go out tonight, wish me luck!!
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Well I'm finally back in Hull, I've unpacked all my stuff and I'm just sat watching a film with 2 of my housemates now. I unfortunately now have immense paranoia about my car's safety but hopefully that won't last too long.

I really miss my best friend, she's just moved away to uni in Keele and she doesn't have any Internet yet so we can't even skype. I was on the phone to her today before realising that we'd been talking for about an hour and a half and I was quickly using up all my credit.

I need to get some stuff done tomorrow and I'm gonna meet up with a uni friend. I'm very excited about spn on friday despite doubts so I hope the Internet can manage to work for that long.

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Been watching Psych on a recommendation from prepare4trouble, really enjoying it C:

Also as a follow-up to my previous post, I've managed to get my car fixed, although the roof is still a little bit dented :/

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When I get to my laptop I'll post my fanart cos I haven't posted for a while so feel free to ignore this rant :C

I stopped over at my uni accommodation the night before last cos I had volunteering in Beverly on Thursday the a doctor's appointment on Friday, and while my car parked outside my house someone bashed the roof in. I'd just like to say that whoever did it is an absolute cock! What could possibly be gained by bashing in someone's car other than upsetting the owner >:C

Luckily it still drives or I would've been stuck in hull and would probably had to quit my volunteering, but I'm still pretty upset about it.

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I haven't written much for a while D:

I've not been doing much this holiday tbh. Last weekend I went to London on a trip with my choir. We had a nice time, and I bought a mug with wings, trufax! I also finished Good Omens while I was there, which was very good.

It seems like recently I've been breaking everything I touch. A theory only reinforced by the fact that I managed to machine wash my phone the other day. It's at the shop and they're trying to fix it. I hope they can cos it's on a 2 year contract and I can't really afford a new phone since I'm having to have my car fixed on wednesday.

I've been doing quite a bit more art recently, so that's been passing the time. I don't know why but I'd kinda stopped really drawing anything.

I'm reading the first Dresden Files book at the moment, on a reccomendation from prepare4trouble XDD

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