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I'm still alive!

Fluffy chinchillas are listening to me play the guitar :)
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So I really should update this at regular intervals not just when I suddenly remember, but oh well XD

I'm stuck in donny at the moment, I came home after my exams and my car started leaking brake fluid. I've decided it's finally time for him to go and I have a new one but I can't get it delivered till next week cos of a problem taxing it and I've run out of medication so I've gotta go back to Hull on the train. Now, this may seem normal but I absolutely hate trains and buses. Partly as I have social anxiety disorder and hate public transport, and partly on principle because it costs me twice as much to get to Hull on the train that it does on the car D: On the bright side I am really looking forward to getting my new car, though I will miss my old one.

The reason I came home in the first place was cos I'd left my PS3 here and my copy of the new Devil May Cry'd come, which I'm really enjoying actually. I've not finished it yet though cos I fell out with it for a few days when I couldn't do one of the boss fights. We're back on friendly terms now though.

It's not long till this year's operetta at the uni. HMS Pinafore this year, it's looking like it's gonna be really funny so hopefully it goes well, been trying to persuade lots of people to come!

I got mum some Duke Special tickets for her birthday so looks like our career of stalking him whenever he's in England continues, I'm really excited. I've got a day of rally driving to look forward to too that mum got me for my birthday :)

I've got ethical approval for my dissertation now so I can start interviewing my participants as soon as I get the recording equipment from the department. On the off chance anyone knows any asexuals around Yorkshire, send them to me cos it's pretty hard to get hold of participants!! XD

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I'm in Donny at the moment looking after Gabriel. I really should be getting ready to drive back to Hull but instead I'm sitting in my pyjamas with the laptop.

Had my first lecture of the year on monday, double neuropsychology. I shouldn't complain though I suppose, I picked all of my modules this year. I'm only in uni 2 days a week this year and at first I though I'd not be too busy but I hadn't really considered that I have to drive back to Doncaster once a week for my mind volunteering, that I'm starting riding again this year, that I still work at the Alzheimer's Society, sing in my Doncaster choir, have my dissertation to do and am in HMS Pinafore. So it actually turns out I'm pretty busy :/ I'm thinking about auditioning for a main part in Pinafore this year, but I'm not sure what song to audition with.

Had a nice time a few weeks ago at the freedom festival with Aven people. Especially proud of the CD me and Adam managed to buy with some flyers and a Morrisons voucher XD

I start CBT tomorrow so I hope my therapist's nice!

Also, new spn tonight! Please be good or I may have to give up!!!!!!

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I've been having some big romantic orientation confusion recently. I definitely don't want to be dating anyone at the moment and I'm wondering if I might be aromantic. I just broke up with my boyfriend which was really difficult as he's not done anything wrong and I didn't want him to think he had. I don't think he took it too badly though which I'm glad about. He's still speaking to me which is a good sign. If nothing else he said he'd be a participant in my dissertation and I do need participants haha.

I've also been growing my hair back which is fun. I look so much like I've just got a really long mullet now that I just have to tie it up whenever I leave the house. Hopefully I'll not give up with it and cut it all off again like I did last time.

I have been missing my housemates, and now they've all graduated I won't be living with them next year :( Two of us from Doncaster went down to Malvern to visit one of my housemates who lives there. Malvern was really nice although my poor car wasn't a big fan of all the hills. We camped in a farm which my housemate's friend owns which was fun until the massive thunderstorm started and we all had to escape up a giant hill to the farmhouse on foot (as I'd parked my car at the top afer finding out it couldn't get back up). On the way back down the I managed to fall on my arse and go sliding down the hill which I'm sure looked very dignified. Also, my shoes had to go in the bin as they were beyond rescue XD

I'm up to Hull on thursday for a psychiatric assessment to fingers crossed they don't have me committed haha.

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So I've been off for nearly a month now and yet it seems I've failed to achieve anything. I've ordered a few of my textbooks for next year in an effort not to feel like a fat lazy slob for the next 2 and a half months.

Mum's on her hols so it's just me and Gabe here for 2 weeks. I went for a meal with my auntie, uncle, one of my cousins and my grandparents on Fathers day which was pretty fun :)

Me and my little cousin :)

I've managed to get myself totally addicted to Skyrim which had really been using up a lot of my spare time. I'm really enjoying it though! I've also been spending my time watching every Cary Elwes film after his sad abandonment by the Psych fandom haha. I watched The Cat Returns today, which it actually turns out I really loved, as apparently I am just a small child masquerading as an adult!

I'm off up back to Hull on tuesday for counselling and a doctors appointment and I'm also gonna see Adam while I'm there which should be fun :)

Ooo, and I also found out that the new Dexter book comes out in October. I'm already excited!!! :D

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I'm just sat in my housemate's room trying to do a bit more on my lab report but instead reading my lj cos it's much more interesting. Saying that, a gallery devoted entirely to drying paint would probably be more interesting. I've also been to the gym and to the doctors twice today in a vain attempt to not write anything.

We got our Gilbert and Sullivan society hoodies last week. I'm so excited about having an item of clothing with my name on. I'm such a child lol. I've also got re-addicted to playing Metal Gear over the last week which is yet another good alternative to actually doing my work. I've got a housemate who constantly plays fifa so I've been having to get up early to bag the tv before him for Snake Eater cos my ps2's plugged into the living room tv. 

On a happy note I got the dissertation I was hoping for with Anna Sandfield so I'm gonna be doing my research next year on asexuality :)  I'm about to start regularly at student counselling too which should be good, and the disabilities service are trying to get me put on a waiting list for long term therapy.

I'm off to Wales a week on Saturday to do some singing over there which should be nice :) Unfortunately my exams start that Tuesday so it's looking like I'm taking my textbooks with me there! I'm also off to see Duke Special again the Sunday after that with mum which we're both really excited about XD

Me and Adam are going to see The Avengers tomorrow. I really hope it's good so much cos I have been waiting so long for this film to come out!!

Oh and I saw that odd pet shop on Chanterlands today, made me laugh :D

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I haven't posted anything on here for a while so I thought I'd write some stuff :)

I've been quite busy recently. I just got my results back from last semester and they were pretty good, the hight point being 84 in my stats exam. I'm currently deciding what to do for my research project in 3rd year. I'm considering a qualitative asexuality project, I'm going to talk to Anna the lecturer who specialises in relationships about it on monday to see if she'll be my supervisor. I suppose the biggest problem would be finding participants willing to talk to me.

I've also been pretty depressed recently unfortunately, ending in me throwing a fit and driving back to Doncaster last monday. I've just started taking SSRIs for it so I've been a bit crazy for the last few weeks cos they've got some annoying side-effects but they seem to be dying down a bit now. One memorable moment when I got confused by the pattern on a carpet last weekend was incredibly strange though!! XD

On a less miserable note Patience opened yesterday at uni and the opening night was great! The audience loved it, and the nice backdrop we've put up in Middleton Hall looked good. My mum and my grandparents came to see it, then today we went to walk round the fountains near Princes Quay then we went for something to eat which was good. I'm just hoping tomorrow's and saturday's shows will be just as good! :)

Also, last night's Psych was ace!

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Well I haven't posted much here for a while so I thought I would, but unfortunately not much has happened so this most likely will be incredibly dull.

Had my first exam this year last week. It went better than I expected but not amazing, hopefully it'll be good enough to rescue my essays which I'm convinced were awful. I've got a maths exam on tuesday which I'm supposed to be revising for now but instead I'm sat watching football against my will and doing some drawings.

Unfortunately Gabriel's in the hospital at the moment, mum's had to pay a right bomb for him to have some surgery. I'm a bit worried about her cos as much as I don't want Gabe to have to be put down, I know she can't afford it D:

Now I'm back at uni I've finally gotten round to moving my gym membership to the Nuffield at Hull from the Donny one. I'm hoping to go 3 or 4 times a week. It's actually really nice there, The gym part's kinda on 2 levels which is cool, and everyone's really nice to me there :)

Unfortunately also being back at Hull has brought me neighbour problems. My neighbour asked me out, and I kinda panicked saying I'd speak to him about it when it wasn't the middle of the night. Anyway, he put his phone number through my door :/ I ended up sending a text explaining that he seemed very nice and I wouldn't mind being friends but I don't date people (I really didn't fancy texting a lecture about asexuality). He said that was ok and I thought that would be fine, but now he texts me all the time, like in the morning saying good morning and things (while I'm still asleep D:), which would be fine, since he seems very nice and polite, but we've only ever spoken 3 times, I don't even talk to Gillian as often as he texts me, and I presume he's also labouring under the misconception that I'm heterosexual. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid for nothing cos I do have a history of that but I don't really know what to do about it.

In less crazy news, I really would like to go see Shame, but I'm not sure I can be bothered to drive all the way to Sheffield to see it. I'm probably going home to Donny after my exam next week so I'll go then if it's still on :)

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I've just found out me and mum have got an audition to be on pointless next week.

I'm now unreasonably excited!!!!!!! XD

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Been trying to get a good start on my essays this week, but it's not progressing all that quickly to be honest. I have at least started 3 of them so it's not too bad XD

I had a great time last weekend at Keele staying with Gillian. I miss her lots this year while she's at uni and it was dead nice to see her. She always helps me out with problems I'm having and just things I don't feel good about in general. She's an awesome friend. I also saw the new Cillian Murphy film while I was there, which was surprisingly quite good despite it containing Justin Timberlake.

It was the psychology society pub quiz yesterday which was really fun. It was at Nostalgia, the bar that used to be Aussie Beach. Some of the lecturers came too which was cool, and we all had a good time. Unfortunately I was the only person in our team who even had a little general knowledge, so half way through we stopped answering the questions and started just putting funny answers, so I'm sure the team marking out paper had a good time at least! Needless to say we came last, but we did well on the classical music questions due to my years spent in orchestras. The lecturers didn't even come in the top 3 which was amusing since there was a psychology round :)

Yep, I'm pulling a ridiculous face as always, despite not having a single drink that night. It's a skill I have. Also, ugh fat legs >:C

My housemates and I have been planning a christmas party which I'm looking forward to now. I'm really going to miss my housemates when they leave in September, I get on really well with all of them :( I am looking at moving in somewhere with my friend Samia (the girl on the right in the photo) next year though which should be fun, as she doesn't really get on with her housemates. We're going to look at houses soon. I'm ideally looking to get somewhere with off road parking, cos I'm a little paranoid about my car in the street these days.

I'm going home again on friday because I'm going to see Chris Addison this weekend with Duckie, then I'm going to choir on monday to make sure I don't fall behind on the christmas music. That mean's I'm gonna be able to see my grandparents and my mum and my cat this weekend, so I'm looking forward to that :)

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